IM1 M/S Insert Master

Insert Master featuring Mid/Side Conversion & Stereo Base Control

IM1 M/S Insert Master


Another AM1 Spin-Off

AM1 – our state-of-the-art pure analog mixing console – does not only stand for superb sound quality but also for elaborate functionality. The essence of AM1 Insert- and Stereo-stages has been extracted and then supplemented to form a unique stand-alone unit. IM1 has been designed for setting up a high end analog signal chain in conjunction with other analog equipment.

IM1 development

Special Features

All you can expect from an insert

Dedicated level BOOST, DRY/WET Ratio control, MID/SIDE Stereo conversion, individual I/O MONITORING.

IM1 Insert
IM1 stereo base

Stereo Base Control

Classical circuitry based on MID/SIDE stereo technique, adapted to real-world applications


Compatibility to standard 500 frames by optional 1-slot front panel providing stereo insert I/Os. Special rear panel covering all connectors when operated in Zähl Rack.

IM1 Infosheet Download PDF

Details IM1

Design Features

  • stereo design for mix & mastering as well as voices & instruments
  • highly musical design
  • intuitive, user-friendly, self-explaining layout
  • lowest noise and distortion signal paths built with highest quality components
  • no microprocessor, no clock pulses, sequential logic only
  • individual power stabilization on each module, no switched power circuitry
  • number of I/Os exceeds API 500 standard, connector extension included:
    - upgrade to special rear panel for Zähl Rack 500 series with additional XLR Insert I/Os or
    - additional 1 slot front panel with 4 XLR Insert I/Os as adaption to standard 500 series rack
  • all other specs compatible with API 500 series specs, basic unit occupying two slots

Input Stage

Input Stage
  • electronically balanced, max. level > +26dBu
  • INPUT GAIN range +/- 10dB, L/R BALANCE range +/- 2,5dB
  • GAIN and BALANCE with trimmed zero position
  • SIGNAL LED (green) level present, individual Left/Right
  • O/L LED (red) overload warning, individual Left/Right


  • SEND BOOST control with up to 20dB gain at INSERT send
  • RETURN RATIO crossfader for DRY/WET mixing at INSERT return for parallel compressing, EQing etc.
  • switchable MID/SIDE STEREO conversion on INSERT SEND/RETURN allowing different processing of MID and SIDE signals – using mono EQs, compressors, etc.
  • comprehensive MONITORING controls for L and R, or MID and SIDE signals at insert SEND and RETURN points
  • ON/OFF switch bypasses all INSERT functions

Stereo Base

  • Circuitry based on MID/SIDE technique provides continuously variable adjustment starting from center position (STEREO):
    - Narrow STEREO BASE by turning counterclockwise towards MONO.
    - Widen STEREO BASE by turning clockwise towards DIFFERENTIAL signal.
  • Use CONSTANT MID option to “soften” the effect when turning clockwise to DIFFERENTIAL.
  • ON/OFF switch bypasses STEREO BASE stage

Output Stage

Output Stage
  • electronically balanced, max. level > +26dBu
  • OUTPUT GAIN range +/- 10dB, L/R BALANCE range +/- 2,5dB
  • GAIN and BALANCE with trimmed zero position
  • SIGNAL LED (green) level present, individual Left/Right, also monitoring INSERT RETURN
  • O/L LED (red) overload warning, individual Left/Right, also monitoring INSERT RETURN
  • Overall BYPASS, also bridging I/O GAIN stages

How to order

To buy an IM1 or ask a question please contact Chris Parkinson below.


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